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Quick Look: Triple Aught Design Scout

Pack Articles

Quick Look: Triple Aught Design Scout

Adam Teeter

The Triple Aught Design (TAD) Scout is designed to be a small, rugged pack for all your light and fast maneuvers. At just 16” tall, 10” wide and 4” deep and a total of 915 cubic inches of volume, it is quite little. The exterior of the pack was kept mostly slick, but there are two removable compression straps, a small amount of PALS on each side and attachment points on the bottom that would allow one of TAD’s Transporter Tails to be mounted. The face of the pack holds a flat zippered admin pocket, similar to the one found on the TAD Lightspeed. There is also a hook and loop access pocket that is inverted on the face of the pack adjacent to the main compartment (it’s about 1/3 of the packs overall volume). The insider of the pack contains a sleeve for a hydration bladder and a zippered mesh pocket. The suspension is reminiscent of that found on other TAD bags, but is trimmed down some.

I knew the pack was meant to be small, but once I received it, I was surprised by just how small it is. The main compartment will barely fits a 13” MacBook Pro, and 16” in height makes it fit strange compared to the 18'“-20” packs that we are used to. The inverted hook and loop compartment would have better been a zipper closure, and to put 1/3 of the pack’s total volume into this pocket really limits how the pack can be utilized. It reminds me of the HPG Aston House in that while the pack may be a certain volume overall, it will not let you pack bulky items up to that volume, but rather it’s comprised of two smaller compartments. In my opinion, this made the little 15 liter pack feel so much smaller that it is, and difficult to use well. As with many bags, if the layout suits your need, the Scout will do well for you, but it is an odd layout. It is typical TAD quality and does carry OK despite the short height and slimmer straps.

Carry on all and Happy New Year!

- AT

TAD Scout-0369.jpg
TAD Scout-0368.jpg
TAD Scout-0332.jpg
TAD Scout-0338.jpg
TAD Scout-0339.jpg
TAD Scout-0341.jpg
TAD Scout-0347.jpg
TAD Scout-0331.jpg
TAD Scout-0364.jpg