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Quick Look: Mystery Ranch 1 Day Assault Pack

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Quick Look: Mystery Ranch 1 Day Assault Pack

Adam Teeter

Available only for purchase in Asia, the 1 Day Assault Pack from Mystery Ranch is a bit of rarity in the US. It is an 18 liter pack designed for light day uses. It features the classic MR tri-zip opening and an internal laptop sleeve. There are an additional two zippered mesh pockets on the face of the laptop sleeve, a loop for hanging a hydration bladder, and two zippered slots to pass hoses or wires through. Atop the pack is a fairly deep clamshell pocket that has and a smaller internal zippered pocket with key fob. It's a fairly simple little pack, built for speed and remaining low profile in crowds. The Futura harness ensures a great level of comfort, of course. They are not inexpensive or easy to find, but if you have a chance to pick on up, it might be a great little EDC pack for you. 

Carry on all, 

- AT

1DAP - Jelm-7481.jpg
1DAP - Jelm-7486.jpg
20180220 MR 1DAP-2276.jpg
20180220 MR 1DAP-2280.jpg
20180220 MR 1DAP-2313.jpg
20180220 MR 1DAP-2288.jpg
20180220 MR 1DAP-2295.jpg
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20180220 MR 1DAP-2300.jpg
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20180220 MR 1DAP-2315.jpg