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Quick Look: Kifaru Escape and Evade (E&E) Gen 2

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Quick Look: Kifaru Escape and Evade (E&E) Gen 2

Adam Teeter

If you saw our older look at the Gen 1 Kifaru Escape and Evade, you may have been wondering what was changed on the current model. Today, we’ll take a look at the changes. It retains the same overall size and shape, coming in at 785 cubic inches, but has a few notable upgrades. The biggest difference is that the pack uses a 2/3 panel zip design to greatly increase access to the main compartment. Other useful upgrades include a few more sets of rec rings on the interior of the pack for attaching Chamber Pockets or other accessories, extra rows of PALS webbing on the face and sides of the pack, and a patch panel. These are still great little packs and well worth checking out!

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K EE Gen 2-0639.jpg
K EE Gen 2-0633.jpg
K EE Gen 2-0634.jpg
K EE Gen 2-0635.jpg
K EE Gen 2-0637.jpg
K EE Gen 2-0638.jpg
K EE Gen 2-0643.jpg
K EE Gen 2-0632.jpg