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REVIEW: TLIM Mini Bowie Neck and Bush Neck Knives

Knife Articles

REVIEW: TLIM Mini Bowie Neck and Bush Neck Knives

Adam Teeter


The best knife you have is the one that you have with you. A lot of factors go into determining which model you might select, but one of the biggest points is the physical size of the knife. Today we will be looking at two knives that seek to be your constant companion by addressing the issue of size. They are the TLIM Mini Bowie Neck and Bush Neck Knives. 

Manufacturers Specifications

Bush Neck:

Blade Length: ~ 7cm 
Overall length: ~ 16cm 
steel - blade: ~ 3mm thik, 80CrV2

Mini Bowie Neck:

Blade length: ~ 4cm 
Total length: ~ 9 cm 
steel - blade: ~ 3mm thick, 80CrV2

Philosophy of Use

I was interested in these two knives for Every Day Carry (EDC) use. They are designed primarily for use in bushcrafting, but I thought their size and slim profiles also lent themselves to use in the pocket around the city. My main uses for an EDC knife include opening packages and light food preparation for my toddler when out and about. 


Handle Design

The handle design on these knives is evident in the photos. It is a simple flat knife with no additional scales attached. Both knives come supplied with the lanyards attached, no doubt intended to give the handle a bit more length.  

Edge Design

Both knives feature a Scandi ground edge at around 15 degrees plus a micro bevel. They came shaving sharp from the factory. 

Sheath Design 

The sheathes supplied with the pair are a simple kydex affair. They use a single eyelet for attachment on a lanyard and heavy kydex make them quite rigid. They are well formed and finished quite nicely. 

Fit and Finish 

Fit and finish is a bit uneven. 

The holes in each knives handles are nicely chamfered, but the edges on the outside of both handles are not. The exception is that the area where the index finger grips the Mini Bowie Neck has been nicely chamfered. 

Both knives also were not sanded smooth before the black finish was applied. This means you will notice small pits on the flat surface of each knife under the finish. 

The fit and finish on the sheathes is great and without blemish. 

In Use


Though these knives are very similar, they are very different in terms of ergonomics.

The Mini Bowie neck fits well in my hand (I wear medium gloves usually) and provides a good 2 finger grip. The lanyard gives a bit of real estate for the third finger to aide in the grip. The sharper edges on the butt and back of the handle do not seem to be noticeable on this knife. 

The most important point to note though regarding the handle on the Mini Bowie Neck is that there is no provision for keeping ones index finger away from the cutting edge. This is a fairly large oversight in the design. Even a slim ricasso would have been enough to solve this. 

The Bush Neck knife handle is long enough for me to get a full 4-finger grip and is very secure. On this model though the sharp edges are more noticeable and make the grip a bit unpleasant when the knife is heavily used. 


The sheathes are secure and safe. They are however, very basic. I realize these were both designed as neck knives, but I would have preferred a slightly wider sheath for the Bush Neck with a couple of extra eyelets to allow more flexibility for carriage. For me, I would have liked to have made some simple leather loops and carried this knife horizontally on the belt. 


The Mini Bowie Neck and Bush Neck knives from TLIM Knives are both solid and very functional knives. They will serve you well under lighter usage conditions (see the note on the handle designs above). I can wholeheartedly recommend the Bush Neck knife for a no-nonsense and low-profile tool that you can carry with you often. I can hesitantly recommend the Mini Bowie Neck for those who need a tiny fixed blade for very light usage. 

For more information on these knives, please visit the TLIM Website. 

Disclaimer: TLIM provided these knives at a discounted price in exchange for my unbiased review.