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Quick Look: Spyderco UK Penknife Leaf Shape

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Quick Look: Spyderco UK Penknife Leaf Shape

Adam Teeter

A few days ago I posted photos of a variant of the drop point variant of this knife, but since I happen to have both on hand, I thought it fitting to make a second post on this version. These knives are basically identical, sans the blade shape. The same CTS-BD1 steel and FRN handles are found here. Again, this knife is intended for areas where certain knife features are restricted, specifically the UK. To my eye, the leaf blade shape is more attractive, but of course that is subjective. Either knife makes a great light weight cutter for a variety of daily tasks. The back spring on this one is fairly soft again, but if you are in need of such features, be sure to give them a look. 

Carry on and God bless, 

- AT

UKPK Leaf-7751.jpg
UKPK Leaf-7753.jpg
UKPK Leaf-7762.jpg
UKPK Leaf-7763.jpg
UKPK Leaf-7766.jpg
UKPK Leaf-7769.jpg
UKPK Leaf-7772.jpg