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Quick Look: Spyderco UK Penknife Drop Point

Knife Articles

Quick Look: Spyderco UK Penknife Drop Point

Adam Teeter

More often than not, a tool is designed with a specific situation and set of circumstances in mind. This design process usually takes into account the task intended, the end goal, how the user will interface with the tool and other such concerns. Less common is when a legal regulation dictates how an instrument might take shape, but that is the case with the UK Penknife from Spyderco. The UK takes a fairly aggressive stance on restricting the carry of pocket knives by individuals in their countries, and limits blade length and prohibits locking mechanisms. Spyderco rose to the challenge and produced this slip joint folder. This particular variant features a 3" CTS BD1 drop point blade and FRN scales to provide plenty of grip while keeping the weight down. The large hole is perfect to open the blade one handed and the wire pocket clip allows for discreet low-riding carry. The only really issue with this knife I have is that the back spring is quite soft, something I do not like to see on a slip joint. Despite that, this is one of the top selling EDC blades in the UK. 

Carry on all and God bless, 

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