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Quick Look: Spyderco SPY-DK

Knife Articles

Quick Look: Spyderco SPY-DK

Adam Teeter

If you are familiar with the Spyderco UK Penknives (featured here and here), you might recognize some similar DNA in the SPY-DK. This one was built to conform to the even stricter Danish knife restrictions, so it has a tiny little hole that prevents any sort of one hand opening. The blade is made from N690Co and the handles are Spyderco's familiar FRN material. Again, I find the back spring weaker than I would would prefer, but being able to grip the knife up on the blade helps prevent accidental closures and injuries. This is a light weight and slim little knife, great for all sorts of urban cutting tasks. 

Carry on, 

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Spy DK-7716.jpg
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