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Quick Look: Böker Plus Compliance

Knife Articles

Quick Look: Böker Plus Compliance

Adam Teeter

Sometimes you find yourself in a place where the knife you carry is restricted. The Böker Plus Compliance is a knife designed for such a circumstance in that it is a two-hand opening frame lock. This truly is a hidden gem in their line up though. Chad Los Banos outdid himself in designing it. The aesthetics are perfect, the handling is perfect, the blade shape is perfect. It has heavy gimping where you need it and a deep carry pocket clip to keep it down away from prying eyes. The lock up is solid but easy to release when you are ready. The G10 front scale is a great choice in terms of grip and looks. There are a few fitting flaws on my particular piece, but overall the quality is great and Böker's 440-C is a good steel for EDC. If you can find a copy of this one, I wholeheartedly recommend it! 

Carry on and God bless you all, 

- AT