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The Equipped.

Gear should be efficient. Gear should aide execution of objectives and never hinder. Gear should move us closer to where we want to be. Gear should be utterly dependable and reliable. Gear should not fail. Gear should be always at the ready, waiting to be called upon. These are the standards we demand from our kit.

Having provided design input at OV Innovations , and a contributor at The Perfect Pack we have experience and insights into what makes gear work. As such, we feature gear that measures up, and some that falls short. Our aim is to provide the info needed to be numbered amongst those known as, “The Equipped.”

At The Equipped we also enjoy capturing images of our world and telling the tales of our lives. We include a gallery of images here to give voice those stories. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with wonder and awe at the beauty of the creation and sights we encounter.

Now, carry on, each of you, and may God bless you as you go!

Some of our featured items are purchased or traded for and others are provided entirely or at a discount by the manufacturer for review. All reviews are impartial and unbiased, being generated solely from our own opinions. We do not do paid reviews.